Aurora Vs TrollgeGF – RuvStyle

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: HellBoundLycan

I’M ALIVE!! lol

Got another game map here, this time Friday Night Funkin’ Aurora mod, and right around the corner from Halloween! Heavy emphasis on movement for this one, Aurora’s sections are strictly walls to emphasize his long gutteral wails, while TrollGF’s sections are more mellow to match her more soothing voice. I highly advise stretching or playing a song prior to this one that can limber you up. Lighting is pretty basic, compared to what I usually do. I have a few other songs from FNF i’d love to map once i have time to do so (2 of which are pretty close to being done, one I hope to have finished and released on Halloween but I don’t think it’ll happen. In the meantime have a wonderful halloween everybody!!

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