[bill wurtz Discography Pack] [Cinema] bill wurtz – stuck in a rut

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Mapper: symphonic

The beginning of a legend. The “history of japan” titan started like all of us: frustrated and confused. This also begins the release of a large project of mine: the bill wurtz Discography Pack. The goal of this project is to map the entirety of bill wurtz’s streaming discography, as well as some selected songs from earlier on in his career that are not currently streaming. There are more than 200 songs listed on bill’s site (https://billwurtz.com/songs.html), but we will not be tackling every single one of those. A significant amount of those songs are very brief snippets rather than fully-fledged songs. This song is an exception to that rule, being a mere six-second track, but also being officially released on streaming services.

This (extremely) short song, first released in 2005, was bill wurtz’s first public foray into writing and producing music. Despite its brevity, it is a very relatable tidbit of a tune to all my fellow creatives out there.

Only one difficulty and autolights for this one, partially because it fits the low-effort vibe of this song. You will, however, indeed be stuck in a rut for this map, and end with a shrug. A preconfigured Cinema config is included for your convenience. The color scheme is taken from the official album art for this song.

We still have several songs unclaimed for this discography pack, so if you are a mapper or lighter and would be interested in joining this project, please feel free to DM me on Discord at symphonic#0378!

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