[Chroma] (“pnfrlEnm”); – dullscythe lullaby

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Phøenix

Heard this song for the first time 3 days ago and felt super motivated to get this map done. Everything was made in 2 days around the span of 15-20 hours. In my opinion this is my best Chroma lightshow to date in the underutilized Kaleidoscope environment. Hope you enjoy!

Now with 2 Extra Lowers!
Haha imagine accidentally copying over the Expert difficulty with an exact copy of the Expert+ that would be so silly anways fixed that thing that didn’t happen!!!

This map contains a chroma show that is chaotic at certain points. If you are sensitive to Flashing Lights, Motion Sickness, and/or Dizzyness, then enable static lights as you see fit.

(“pnfrlEnm”); is a banger artist, check out they’re other songs here and show them some support!

Length: 9:59
BPM: 188
NPS: Hard = 2.5, Expert = 3.9, Expert+ = 4.8

If you have any feedback about this map (Positive / Negative) then feel free to reach out to me on discord! Phøenix#5713

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