If there was an endpoint (a? edit)

Difficulties Expert+
2 1

Mapper: nucleii

in case you’re not aware, this song is the sequel to “I’m getting on the bus to the other world, see ya!”. a? has made a remix of bus to another world and this song but there wasnt a map of this one yet so I decided to map it. I took inspiration from astrella’s map of bus to another world (the windows) and plasm’s map of it (the stupid everything).

I made about 2 minutes of this map and decided I was going to testplay it to see how it played. I couldnt pass it. at that point I decided to just go ham because the map was really hard anyways so thats why theres a difficulty increase at around the 2 minute mark (at least imo). stupid map.

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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