Walk The Moon – One Foot

Difficulties Expert+
36 2
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Mapper: Raydz

I wanted to get back into mapping rather than just finishing up old WIPs like Everything Goes On, and I’m so glad that I finally found the motivation, inspiration and creativity to push out a new level. I’ve wanted this level to be mapped for quite a while now but wasn’t sure how suitable it was for mapping. Luckily I played around with some fun angles, cleaned it up a bit and turned it into a complete map. Walk The Moon is an amazing group and has even influenced me in my childhood, and hopefully you’ll see more songs from them published here. I originally planned on doing a Chroma or V3 lightshow for this map but I figured that would take way too much time on top of the time I had already taken to finish the level in the first place.

Lights are autogenerated using Lolighter with a few manual tweaks.

Reupload to emphasize the audio before the map starts + JD tweaks, possibly for curation
Reupload 2 to fix a vision block caused by a wall.

Thank you Joetastic and RateGyro for the feedback!

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