skinnyjeens64_ 1.1. Balanced 1.6. Accuracy Alternative Indie

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Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: skinnyjeens64_

This is my “first” map that I have *uploaded* that I am proud of. I mapped this in one day which is crazy for me ngl took like 4 and a half hours tho. (Yes! that is me in the picture, I know crazy)

On another note “Blink twice” is still in the works I’m just waiting for the other people Im working with to finish their parts and to iron out the kinks. Expect it Soon TM (prob like November).

Thanks a ton to Spectral for lighting the map (auto lighter dookie)
as well as IlluminatiSalad (slad) For modding the map!!!
and to Rac for play testing it and making it a good acc map

If you have any suggestions or just feel like saying hi Dm me at (skinnyjeens64#8960)

final final note I lost my account info for my other 2 accounts so now Im logging in with discord so I had to make a new name skinnyjeens64 😀

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