JoeNightlight 1.4. Tech 1.6. Accuracy Vocaloid

Queen/Kanaria | ( Covered by リリぴ-LiLiPi- )

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
96 7
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Mapper: JoeNightlight


(Expert+) JoeTech- contains a good amount of wrist rolls and horizontals. I tried to make a map with the type of tech that i like to play

(Standard) Expert- I recommend playing this difficulty first time. nothing to advanced or difficult. Somewhat dancey

(Standard) Hard – This is pretty much a accuracy map or for beginner saber players

There will probably be more maps that i will release that are covered by LiLiPi. I Really enjoy her covers!

Thx for the playtests Namaki_mono and Exa!


(Lolighter was used for Lighting)

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