Spooky Scary Skeletons – V-Rave (Frenchcore Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
35 4
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Mapper: 4orizon

oh my god it took me forever to finish, the tech diff is kinda scuffed and it has a really bad ending so if you play and dislike for that, that’s respectable.

all the maps have the same start but have their differences in their own places.

Ex+ – Bomb Resets, pretty much what you’d expect from a reset map
Ex – Tech (sorta), there’s a little bit of tech and funky angles (ending is really iffy)
Hard – Just a normal map idk what else to say about it lol

the map is kinda funky as a whole, not my best work but it’s pretty fun anyways

if you wanna message me about anything – 4orizon#7059

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