KICK BACK (TV size) – Kenshi Yonezu (From Chainsaw Man) [Cinema]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
382 120
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Mapper: That_Narwhal

Chainsaw man OP ⛓🐕
We love Pochita <<<333

feat. guest Ex+ with @jabob
THANK YOU VERY MUCH @aimedhades16 FOR MOD <3 <3 <3
THANK YOU @nolanimations for QAT and curation <3

5 Banger diffs and a light show with the OP playing in the back 😀
Hope you enjoy felt very inspired by this song to work on something

Sorry I don't put maps out more often but I really like to perfect them before uploading so I hope at least some of you enjoy that <3

Had fun making this and hope to rank in the future
———- 💅
Contact me at That_Narwhal#1924 on discord
@One_narwhal on twitter
for anything regarding me/my maps!

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