Poland – Lil Yachty

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Mapper: schloss

Quotes from my fellow boats:

“’m polish and i have to say, this is one of the moments of all polish history”
“As an American, I have officially decided to move to Poland. Thank you Lil Boat. Thank you so much.”
“Szanowny Panie Yachty dziękuję za przywiezienie wocka do Polski nasz kraj i obywatele są bardzo wdzięczni za ten gest. Udzielimy Ci honorowego obywatelstwa! 🛥️🤝🇵🇱”
“As a Czech i am glad you took a woock to brother 🇨🇿🇵🇱”
“As a pole, I am simply touched by this beloved gem. My grandad used to suffer from Alzheimers on a wheelchair but when he heard this song, he is now able to walk and twerks daily to this with no hesitation. I highly recommend lil coming to elementary schools and spread the message of this magnificent masterpiece xxx”
“Sir Boat out here being a savior saving countries with wock”
“Dear lil yachty. As a Pole I’m glad that you post this masterpiece. My uncle had cancer, but when he heard about this masterpiece, he cured, even though doctors said he will be dead by a month. Thanks!!!”

polan national anthem
the “sch” is pronounced like shhhhhh. Kind of like what a librarian says to you when you read to loudly. The “loss” is pronounces like loss. Just like that 4 panel comic about a miscarriage.

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