Sick of U – BoyWithUke ft. Oliver Tree

Difficulties Expert
306 6
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Mapper: Faded99


A few people have already been waiting for this map and now it’s fully finished.
Thanks to LASTGAMER and Dietah for playtesting!


[Recommended mod: C H R O M A + enable ALL Effects]

► Map Details:
– Difficulty: Expert
– Duration: 2:48
– BPM: 185
– Note Jump Speed: 19
– Spawn Offset: -0.20
– Total NPS: 4.53
– Total Notes: 764

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. joseph says:

    i love this song, im gonna build a vr pc soom and this is the first song im getting for the game on beat saber. im also getting half life alyx, do you recommend a gtx1660 super for vr?

    1. YoshiGamerFR says:

      GTX 1660 is good for VR
      I had a GTX1660Scard at first and I upgraded to an RTX 3060, about the same performances even tho the RTX is just a bit more powerful, still the GTX 1660 is really good for VR.

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