Never Dull – Gypsy in my Mind [SAD CAT DANCE]

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Mapper: CMP1111

**Finally, at last. The level that should be.**
After hours of mapping, *30 minutes* of tweaking, *an hour* of analyzing a **hot** cat lady for cover art, and *2 hours* of watching 8-bitryan, I have finally turned a meme into a level.
Hopefully, I am not too late.

This level has all difficulties, three one-saber difficulties, chroma lights to express the distressed dancing cat lady, and a fun time with your arms. In all seriousness, this level has taken me so long to map, so I really hope you enjoy the level. If there are any broken rhythm flows, dm me regarding the issue: CMP1111#0886

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  1. gideon says:

    it freezes every time i start it

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