lcat314 1.5. Speed Electronic Speedcore

Sleepy Eyes Again

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
3 3

Mapper: lcat314

my first map lol
collab with kriby (they did lights)
EX+: contains 740 JV bursts (fast)
EX: bursts on bottom 2 lanes (still fast)
Lawless EX: kriby’s diff (???)
Lawless EX+: my impossible diff (terrible)
kriby did a tas at

i guess
any mismaps contact Lcat_#5636
REUP 1: Audio on time now lol
REUP 2: Quality fix:
EX+: Moved tap bursts to make the first drop good, changed middle bursts a bit, removed 4 dds
EX: redid a middle burst, fixed about 10 dds, overall better quality
lawless diffs still the same LMAO
REUP 3: fixed 3 mismaps on EX
REUP 4: fixed a note at beat 1.25 (bruh)

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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