Difficulties Expert+
5 3

Mapper: Azurii

My apologies for so many re-uploads, this should hopefully be the final version.

Introducing my first official not shitpost! This map starts as mid-speed and evolves into pretty fast jumps in the last sections, so just be ready for that lol

This song comes from the first album by the duo Twenty One Pilots titled “Regional at Best”, but the album never made it far and very few hard copies exist of it and can really only be found on youtube. There are a lot of really good songs in this album and I might make a few more maps to the songs from it.

A purely solo project and roughly 10.5 hours of making this map (with the help of auto lighting since im very bad at making my own lights), this map is the first real map im putting out here, and if you have any feedback please dm me on discord @Azurii#9999

(i had to re-publish this a few times because of random vision blocks that i’d forgotten about)

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