Party Like Stalin

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
12 0
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Mapper: LilSnibble

First collab map made by Lil Snibble and IHVR
Expert Plus mapped by Snibble and lighted by IHVR
Expert mapped by IHVR and lighted by Snibble
Easy is a challenge map split up into sections made by both of us

Sections (in seconds)
Snibble; 0-6, 19-38, 44-57, 1:04-1:16,
1:36-1:42, 1:55-2:01, 2:14-2:30

IHVR; 6-19, 38-44, 57-1:04, 1:16-1:36,
1:42-1:55, 2:01-2:14

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