Sir_Overswing 1.5. Speed Anime J-Pop

Amatsuki – Doraemon

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
16 5
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Mapper: Sir_Overswing

I kinda just decided to throw flow and non-complex vibro patterns out the window 💀
This is not the final version, I’m going to make 4 more diffs but I wanna see how this plays first
good luck is all I can tell you 💀💀💀

(yes I sped up and changed the audio a bit and it sounds like 🤖 alright but it’s still pretty goob)

Reupload: Added 4 diffs, one harder 3 easier. Raebies (E+) remains unchanged heheheh (enjoy the vision block) and Faeral is mostly bottom row at 672 BPM (good luck 💀)
Caet, Taebby, and Faeline are all lower diffs at 448 BPM that get easier as you go down the list, hopefully accessible to a wide range of players.
Enjoy this vibro mop and take care of your wrists B)

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