LSPECTRONIZTAR 1.3. Fitness Electronic Techno

Ring Fit Adventure Credits (Techno)

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Hey everyone!!

Ring Fit Adventure is one of my favorite games for the Nintendo Switch! And on the last day of Septmeber 2022, I finally cleared the game completely, with Main, Extra, and Fitness worlds all cleeared! To celebrate, I decided to make a beatmap of my favorite soundtrack from the game!

(Just in case the music is copyrighted, let me just say it belongs to Nintendo, NOT me.)

It took me forever to find this soundtrack. I had to convert it to MP3 when I finally did it. Anyway, making this beatmap was a challenge. Twice my progress was lost, so I had to do and redo it. I think it’s good beatmapping, and the lighting is pretty dope. Anyways, ENJOY!

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