Blooplip – Matduke (feat. Veela)

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: AkumetsuTime

A grooving electro beat for when you’re feeling deadly and gorgeous.

A map to Bloodlip by Matduke, featuring Veela singing the vocals. Once again, this song has an absolutely fantastic amv to it called “Deadly and Gorgeous,” which I suggest checking out.

I don’t have a ton to say about this map. This time I went with a pretty upfront and straightfoward style to mapping it.

My biggest goal when making maps is to make at least decent maps to the wide variety of songs that don’t yet have Beatsaber maps, because it’s still far too easy to find songs that don’t have any map whatsoever. So if you know of a couple of songs that don’t yet have maps and you’re willing to invest some time into fixing that, I recommend trying out mapping a couple of songs and see if you like it. At worst you’ll still help fill out the gaps in Beatsaver’s catalogs.

Anyways, hope y’all enjoy the map.

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