i_was_nvr_here – A random 1 minute song (#1)

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: c1rzZo

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VERY INPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This map was mapped by a part of the Norwegian Senpai Club, meaning by Cirzzo, BungiCraft, Slamsyk and Datsurb. They were also responsible for the graphics on this map.
I am working with my brother-in-law, J.C., to build the map. He has been helping me out with the last few maps that we have done together.
We will be doing more collaborative projects in the future!

I’m back from vacation, but now the real work begins. You can see new updates every Wednesday and Sunday (my time) when I return home after work. In the meantime, please check out our other worlds!

It’s been too long since my last update. Please take a look at what I’ve put together so far. Thanks!
New Area: Swamp Forest
A swamp forest area where you can find treasure chests full of loot.
New Area: The North Mountains
The north mountains are covered in snow. There are many hidden paths and caves throughout these areas. I hope you enjoy it!
New Area: The Plains
These plains are filled with grass, trees, and wildlife. I’ve created some new creatures here as well.
New Area: Castle Town
In this town, there are shops and homes for sale. It would make a great place to start your adventure.
New Area: Desert
The desert has never seen rain, and only gets hot during the day.
New Area: Jungle
This jungle has lots of plants to climb, vines to swing from, and even monsters to fight.
New Area: Ruins
One of the areas in the map has been turned into ruins. I imagine this used to be a city before something happened.
New Area: A Secret Cave
There’s a secret cave underneath the ruins where you might find a valuable item or two.
New Area: Prisoners’ Camp
From what I can tell, there’s a prison camp in the desert where all kinds of prisoners are kept. You might find someone who needs help escaping.
New Area: The Underworld
It’s hard to believe, but there actually is another realm beneath our world. This is where monsters live, and they don’t like people very much.
New Area: The Mountains
The mountain range is covered in snow. The mountains are home to bears, wolves, and other creatures.
New Area: The Dark Forest
This forest is home to many different types of animals and monsters.
New Area: The Lake
The lake is full of fish and eels. It may not seem like it, but there are also underwater caves you can explore.

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