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Daft Punk – Pee Is Stored In The Balls (Full Unreleased Demo)

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Mapper: ts39

This unreleased demo track from Daft Punk, recorded and produced sometime in 2012, was first uncovered by Randy Goffe (a.k.a. HOME – Resonance) in 2018. He was only able to retrieve a 27 second clip of it, however, leading many to believe that was all that the duo had done to work on it. Now, though, we have what is believed to actually be the full song, or at least the final draft of the song before Daft Punk dropped it— and it’s not hard to see why they did. Though it’s obvious when it was produced, the song ultimately still didn’t fit with the aesthetic and style of Random Access Memories, the album they were working on at the time and would release only a year later. Perhaps if it were conceived earlier in their career it would fit in better with the rest of their catalogue, but alas, it was not so.

My first map. I don’t own beat saber so i haven’t playtested it. I also added a fitbit lawless to spice things up. Apologies if there are issues

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