FeudBoy_YT One Saber

Horsepower- Muzz [V3 MAP AND CHROMA]

Difficulties Hard Expert+
14 3
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Mapper: FeudBoy_YT

Still waiting for chroma and chains to be compatible…
Anyways here is a new song!
You may notice that the song uploaded is 3 minutes long, but the actual song is almost 5 minutes! Well I radio-edited the song so that the 2nd half of the song is no longer in the map (because it is exactly the same as the first half). I also moved the middle bit which separates the 2 halves to the very beginning of the song, because I liked what I had mapped and lit for that part and had to keep it in.

This level has not been playtest on the latest version, but on the 2nd latest. If there are any errors, or the lightshow diff don’t work (it’s set to v2 so the chroma SHOULD work) DM me on FeudBoyYT#6701 on discord

Anyways enjoy the map! It contains a Expert Plus, Hard, and One Saber game modes!
Song Sauce:

Gameplay Clip: COMING SOON™️

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