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A 3-mapper collaboration for one of my favorite Herbie Hancock tunes from the 1973 album Head Hunters, Chameleon.
I am honored by contributions from both

This time I chose a live performance of Chameleon from the Top Rockerz Break Beat Band for a breakdancing and DJ event back in 2005.
The theme throughout the map set and the diffs is changeability, like the colors of a Chameleon. The diff names are types of Chameleons:
-Pink’s Panther
-DeeDee’s Decary
-Monstor’s Meller

DeeDee has created a solid, dancey Expert Diff, highlighting much of the percussive elements of the song.
Pink created a fun and challenging Single-Saber Expert+ in the v3 environment with well used arcs and chains, highlighting various instruments from the band.
I mapped the accessible techy-dancey Expert+ standard diff, closely following that groovy bassline. I may have overdone it on colors, though.

I hope you have fun with it. Please check out all the diffs.
DeeDee and Pink have endured mapping a 4 minute live performance with varying BPM for this collaboration, so give ’em some love(or coupons for therapy).

If you helped me test play this, you’re mentioned in the contributor’s list. Thank you.

Original Album cover by Wild Lupin, whose photography captures the magic of many of my favorite Bay Area artists, like MIRV, Buckethead, and Primus during the 90’s & 2000’s. Thanks for letting me use the pic. I added a few lizards.
Go check out her work at

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