Halo – Prezioso, Harris & Ford, Shibui

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: realcoda

Absolute banger. Knew this had to be mapped the first time I heard it.

Not a huge lightshow this time, it wasn’t the focus of this map.

Initially I wanted to only make the lower dif but McMelon_xoxo convinced me to try the upper dif as well so here it is. Both difs are different so it might be worth checking them both if you enjoy the song 🙂

I stream mapping/lighting regularly. Check out RealCoda on Twitch 🙂
On that note:
Thanks so much for the people in Twitch chat for motivating me to keep mapping this. I was doubting myself a lot, but I like how it turned out. I would have never done it without you.


giorgio prezioso

Harris & Ford: https://www.harrisandford.at/en/
Shibui: https://www.beatport.com/artist/shibui/942867/releases

Thanks to HitmeWMusic and Anonymously42 for playtesting

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  1. Jovi420 says:

    Makes me real sad, downloaded this s it’s legit one of my favs by Shibui… but the track movement speed is so fast I can’t keep up at all..same with most hardstyle, techno and rave tunes I’ve seen on this, as well as almost none existing on anything lower than expert difficulty. It feels like a lot of the fast songs are only designed for high skill players and not for those still learning the game.

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