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Mapper: koharu

When I was lamenting the lack of beat maps for Pretty Cure songs, @Umeko made one for me.


This song is the second ending theme of Japanese magical girl anime “Fresh Pretty Cure!”, the sixth series of Pretty Cure metaseries. This song was also featured in the episode 36 of “Hug! Pretty Cure”, the fifteenth series of Pretty Cure.
When I watched the episode in which many Cures of the past appear, I strongly felt the featured song in my heart, so I asked Umeko to create this beat map.

The notes are colored yellow, the image color of Cure Pine, on the left, and blue, the image color of Cure Berry, on the right.
Umeko asked me to request the colors of my favorite Cures and I answered yellow for Cure Etoile and light blue for Cure Ange, main characters in Hug (Actually, Fresh was aired before I was born and I haven’t seen it yet).

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