Janokins Metal Rock

TOOL – Pneuma

Difficulties Expert
66 8
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Mapper: Janokins

From the album Fear Inoculum.


My magnum opus, it may not be perfect, but it’s as close as I could make it without going insane. Never again will I map a song that’s this long. I may only have 17 hours in MMA2, but it took me over 6 months. At one point I couldn’t open it anymore because it had too many walls, so I downloaded the source for MMA2 and tried to fix it manually (I think it reached some arbitrary 4GB cap) and that was a whole ordeal… anyway, I figured it would be simpler to remove the walls temporarily from the json, which ended up working.

Hope you like it 🙂

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  1. Martlet says:

    you should be proud

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