Shibayan Records – disco light

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: AaltopahWi

For best experience do enable custom song colors and for single saber to disable custom notes so chroma colors work properly.

First of all a warm thank you to @XAce1337manX, @Alice and @TOFU for their guest difficulties.
It’s lovely to see such different takes to this song.
Also special thanks to ETAN for talking me out of the worst creative block i’ve had for a while.

Basically this is my unintended Mapperversary project. 4 years of mappi- well… Mostly lighting!
More i learn the more i realize there is to learn. Even if my motivation fluctates from time to time and quality varies, i’m not stopping anytime soon.

I still want to adjust lighting to fit the map and add downmaps but there are some things that i need to take care of first and i’d rather wait for editor to be less of a pain.

Hope you enjoy.

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One Saber Expert:

One Saber Hard:

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  1. Eternal_Light says:

    Very beautifull and fun map to vibe and dance to. Music fits perfectly with the visuals and I had a lot of fun playing it on Aalto Dance difficulty and one-handed mode. Never seen such effects! Thanks a lot for this experience!

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