riisi 1.4. Tech Electronic

Blacklolita – Cougar

Difficulties Expert+
33 2
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Mapper: riisi

From album “BASS AVENGERS 3”, 2019. I love this album series, unfortunate that MEGAREX probably has no plans to continue it.

Swing eBPM: 192.19

I finally feel like I’m capable enough to do tech maps that I’d like to play myself. Heavy wrist rotations, some core rotations and funny timings. All that good stuff aided with (hopefully) proper momentum and equal per hand pattern complexity. There’s also one timing check moment.

You can expect more similar maps from me in the future if I just find great tracks that allow the liquid feel. Lights with lolighter.

(There’s one noticeable note 1/6 late pretty early on. I’d reup but I’m tired of wiping these early leaderboards so often with my uploads. Thanks for playing!)

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