The Devourer of Gods (Nonstop Mix) – DM DOKURO [Chroma]

Difficulties Expert+
30 2
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Mapper: zSkull162

After 2 weeks of work mapping and lighting, it’s finally done. I mapped all the notes, and lighting completely myself. And I made this map, because the only other existing version is years old, and I personally think it could use a re-map. So, I re-mapped it.

In my opinion, of course, this map has better patterns, better flow, and maybe better lighting too.

The audio quality isn’t too great, but that’s because the full-quality audio was too big in file size for me to upload. It doesn’t sound too bad still, but it isn’t the best it could be.

(By the way, the parity errors are only there because the map has bomb resets. There’s no accidental resets in the map)
[Update: Sept. 16, changed ending]

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