[Modchart] Cornfield Chase – Hans Zimmer (From Interstellar)

Difficulties Expert+
1771 27
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Mapper: nasafrasa

!!! Lighting is broken on later versions, so make sure to play on a version after 1.18 and before 1.26!

Thanks to @Mawntee and @Loopymtb for playtesting! This map took a decent amount of time, but not too much, it’s meant to represent my interest in space exploration and excitement for the Artemis 1 mission NASA is launching soon. Also there is a little narrative throughout the map, with you finding what seems like an abandoned space station and a light starts flicker inside, what does it mean?


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. Neurobean says:

    Aight, so it looks cool (or at least the first two notes do), but as soon as i try to hit the second note my game crashes? Do u know why?

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