Arktiica House

Sunshine – Gelow & BPRTS (Chroma)

Difficulties Expert+
11 2
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Mapper: Arktiica

First map I’ve published. Spent quite a bit a time mapping this. Admittedly, I spent more time with the lighting than the notes, but I assure you it’s not terrible, and probably pretty good for a first map. The lights for Expert+ are completely identical to the Lightshow, both of which have ~18k lighting events. So, I guess be wary with this map? I am unsure if the amount of lighting events will cause any lag.

Sunshine – Gelow & BPRTS [NCS Release]

Expert+ (17 NJS; ~4.4 NPS)

3 Sets of input (2 of which were also testplays) before published: Thank you to those who had helped me with any errors and provided feedback before I have published it!

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