Madeon – Love You Back

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: Prismatic-Fwost

Hello everyone! This is a map that has been finished for a long time and I have been waiting to releasing this for a while, just haven’t really gotten to adding finishing touches to it. But I have finally done all that there is needed to be done and the map will now be released! This map is on the easier side of difficulty, featuring lots of arches! I focused on lots of swing flow in this map so it could feel a little bit techy, but it’s all meant for smooth swing flow.

Chart 100% created by me.
Lights 100% created by Lolighter.

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  1. KevoJackal says:

    This was an absolutely lovely experience to play through! Congrats on making the arcs work nicely with the music, its always fun to have good flow with notes and the added arcs really help with that. I’ve added this to one of my custom ingame playlists to easily access and play again! Patterns were very easy to deal with, which is not bad as my hands enjoyed flowing through the blocks nicely along to the music, you made great use of every grid space with fun patterns, and not overdoing it with the double arrow blocks/arcs either! Unfortunately it’s hard to appreciate a good lightshow mid gameplay when you’re so focused so I usually record my gameplay to rewatch my performance and your lightshow was fun to watch as it flashed to the beat!

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