Sakuzyo – Amenohoakari

Difficulties Expert Expert+
103 3
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Mapper: riisi

Actual title “天火明命”, from album “∀Rkadia”, 2018. I found this one from the album, but apparently a shorter version is featured in some rhythm games too. You should definitely listen Sakuzyo’s works if you haven’t already.

Peak swing eBPM: 206.67

Top diff is tech and some “dancy” stuff. I didn’t really try anything specific with this one, it has few experimental patterns as usual. Lower diff is pretty much the same map, but without any spices besides some left-handed streams.

Manual lights, but honestly its very unenjoyable to make them. This time I spent so long on them that I got around doing the lazy downmap, since only gigachad tech players play with lights on.

Reup 1: Removed bomb upresets or rather failed bomb spirals. They played like shit, who would have thought? I really should playtest with others.
Sorry! / ごめん!
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