FakeCoda 1.3. Fitness Alternative Vocaloid

HFSFD [CAUTION: big walls and other shenanigans]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
12 5

Mapper: FakeCoda

Please be careful of your surroundings when playing this.

Each dif is vastly different and it’s own kinda mini challenge thing so you might want to play them all :))))))) Contains swearing, very crazy walls, rotations, flashing lights and other jarring stuff. Consider yourself warned.

I’m sorry.

Origin: https://clips.twitch.tv/EmpathicObliviousBatHoneyBadger-u98psOv7gZ4sw6zt

Hamcore got scared in VR Sadge

(not actually an official Boomr Production)
(it says the mapper is RealCoda, but I dont know who that guy is)

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