[Chroma] [Cinema] Liella! – Welcome to Bokura no Sekai (Welcome to 僕らのセカイ) (TV Size) (Love Live! Superstar!! S2E1 Insert Song)

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Mapper: symphonic

So I didn’t think too much of this song when I first watched it in the anime, but after rewatching the music video, it occurred to me that the dance looked like something that would be super fun to map, and the song itself is addictingly bouncy and dancy as well.

As is becoming a trend with these choreographed Love Live maps, Chroma and Cinema are highly recommended, and a preconfigured Cinema offset is included for your convenience. The block colors in this one correspond to the main background colors in the music video, and there are also lights with colors found in the girls’ dresses in their respective solo moments. This is also my first time using the BTS environment; I felt the clouds matched the atmosphere of the music video nicely.

This top difficulty is probably my most techy difficulty yet. The original choreography has a lot of arm crossing, forehands going up, and some wrist-roll-like things too. Most of the more intense tech stuff stays in that Expert+ difficulty though, and the lower two diffs should still represent the choreography to a decent degree while making it easier to play in Beat Saber.

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Once more, HUGE thanks as always to @swukpuff for his extensive playtesting and feedback!!
P.S.S. The title “Welcome to 僕らのセカイ” roughly translates to “Welcome to Our World” in English.

Original music video:

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