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Better Off Alone – Alice Deejay

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
224 89

Better Off Alone is a bit of late 90’s EDM nostalgia and if you played any DDR, you have probably payed this song. The mapping is a lot of fun in BeatSaber too and matches the music well with only a few minor issues.

First, there’s a fair amount of eye level blocks, but I think it had to in order to pull off the cool pattern that I thought matched the music really well. The song is a bit repetitive and the mapping is no exception, but it still puts you in that EDM trance with catchy hooks and is fun to play through.

Mapper: daddybowser

My first beat map. Still a WIP for lighting effects, and any input is appreciated.

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  1. spicytuna says:

    AHH a shame there is no lighting… this legendary music needs lighting come on now..

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