ForsenCDPogU 1.1. Balanced Drum and Bass

(Artcore Pack) Rostel – S.L.I.

Difficulties Expert+
16 1
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Mapper: ForsenCDPogU

Artcore is such an amazing genre, seriously. No other genre can make me feel like I’m in a completely different universe than my own. Such cozy feelings honestly. I really experimented with these maps, and feel like I also improved my mapping at the same time.

SpiralFlip – Turbulent Rove: This one is really nice with its adventurous feeling going on, I mapped it in a more non-conventional way. You likely won’t notice what that way is, though, unless you’re a mapper.

Rostel – S.L.I.: This one has such beautiful melodies, I really tried to make it as unique as possible since I don’t want to be undermapping these songs. The little midsection pattern thingy might be hard to read with a close offset, but I’ll keep it in nonetheless.

The Musical Ghost – Mahika: This was the one I REALLY experimented on. Using 376 BPM bursts and patterns I don’t normally do. I think it’s really fun tbh, (the bursts might be overkill for non speed players though)

Raimukun – Icyxis: This one is just cursed, it’s basically freedom dive 2.0. I had to do some goofy stream patterns to make it interesting. There are 333 BPM bursts/streams in this as well.

In case you want to contact me for any reason at all, (im_a_trash_Mcree#7322)

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