Mapper: Sp234

Might be the calmest map I’ve released in a while – describing a sacrefice for the greater good.
This track’s original form is longer, though I found not much to map after the one minute gap and have no will to bore those who play it – I advise you to play the game as the Halo Franchise is amazing and Halo Reach is an awesome starter to begin with !

I would like to thank @Maybeemae and @XAce1337manX for the testplay and for helping me improve the map !

Especially since it has such a great OST……..thanks to the work of the talented composer pair – **Martin O’donnell** and **Michael Salvatori** !

Note : In defualt this track uses the Billie Eilish environment, extra events were used to describe the piano strings that do not exist in normal and old environments , which will not show up proparly in the previewer, so it would be best to explore it in – game in this environment !

**This map includes 8 difficulties !**

Standard mode – Full spread !
Labeled – Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, Spartan.

One saber – Easy, Hard, Expert +
Labeled – Watch the Skies , Accept your Fate , Prepare your Stand.

Also, this map features a Chroma lightshow + alternating note colors on Expert + One Saber !
So be sure to have it enabled for a maximum amount of effects and emphasis !

Similar to past habits, I have written an extended description for the map that involves the games story and original point of view.
However, I went a bit overboard with this one and could not include it into one single description XD.
So those of you who are interested, I’ve created a Doc file for thosewho wish to fully view it.

Take note that Major spoilers are up ahead !
Description was spiced and updated as a celebration for the maps curation ! 😀

Third person Expert + Standard preview by Javierattor –

Third person alternating camara Expert + by Ori Jin –

First person Expert + Standard and One Saber previews by CaptainMeme with Halo energy swords ! 😀

Hope you enjoy the map 😀 !

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