Parzival.exe 1.1. Balanced 1.5. Speed Dance Pop

BLENDER – 5 Seconds of Summer [5SOS5]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: Parzival.exe

Third Time’s the Charm, right?

Well, I at least would say so as this is my third map and (at least in my opinion) my best one yet. I am still of course not good enough to map for Expert+ (and I expect it to stay that way a bit longer) but all the other Standard-Difficulties are here again.

The reasoning behind taking BLENDER for this Map is pretty simple:
1. I wanted to keep expanding my unofficial 5SOS Music-Pack
2. I wanted to Map a shorter song as my previous songs where both around 3:20 long

As I say for ever one of these: Feedback for a Beginner in Mapping is Gold 😉

Otherwise: HAVE FUN

Part of “5 Seconds of Summer (unofficial Music-Pack)”:

INFO: I Have just realized that the Preview for this Map is not working. There are actually notes coming if you load it up in Beat-Saber 😂
I can only assume the Preview is broken because I use V3 to Map (and therefore use Arcs and Chains). If you want to see how the map plays, simply use the Demo Playthroughs down below 😉

Demo Playthrough:





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