dentalstonk 1.1. Balanced 1.4. Tech Hardcore Speedcore

Kobaryo – Zero-Risk Syndrome

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
18 4
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Mapper: dentalstonk

this map deserves to be ranked so here it is 🙂
tons of inverts and crossovers in expert+, a mix of inspiration from slientphobia and vandalised ai
the rest are downmaps
basically all the difficulties have a big diff spike on the last drop lmao

for rank
my expert+ star rating estimate: like 10.5-10.8
edit: jabob and jojobanana both rated at at 9.8-10.2 so uhh
edit 2: shrado said 10.4 i can agree with that

dm me for feedback, i would love to bring this map to its full potential

(the one parity warning in expert+ is a side hit which requires a lot of lean but the context in which its used makes it completely comfortable)
ty Goji_Crafter for feedback 🙂

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