[Chroma] [Cinema] Liella! – WE WILL!! (TV Size) (Love Live! Superstar!! Season 2 OP)

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Mapper: symphonic

Back at it again with a new Love Live map! This time with manual lighting! And yes, expect more, in time. Also, my first full spread map!

This new season’s opening song (as well as the anime season itself, so far) is a banger and I think it makes a really fun map. Chroma and Cinema are highly recommended, and I’ve again included a preconfigured Cinema offset for your convenience. The block colors correspond to the girls’ dresses in the music video, and the various girls’ image colors appear when they sing by themselves or within a small group. Once again, I used the music video as inspiration for many of the patterns in the higher difficulties, though they will be less noticeable as you go lower on the difficulty scale. The difficulty curve is pretty standard, and they get gradually more techy as you go up the scale.

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. HUGE thanks as always to @swukpuff for his extensive playtesting and feedback!!

Original music video:

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