Someday (TWEWY Final Mix OST)

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Mapper: AkumetsuTime

“When you’re feeling mischievous…”

A map to Someday, one of the battle themes from The World Ends With You. This is in particular the TWEWY Final Remix version of the song.

Fun fact about this song: this song, unlike most TWEWY songs, was designed to be looped. As such, almost all versions of this song online kinda just abruptly end. Now there is ONE version with an ending, namely the official version of this song from TWEWY on YouTube. The problem there is that it’s for the *base* TWEWY version, and not this version, the final mix version. Now, I could just use the base TWEWY version, but the final mix version has an extra variation for the final chorus and is general slightly better suited to BeatSaber. No problem, just clip the end of the base TWEWY version and paste it on this one, right? Well, that’s what I did, but unfortunately the chord is slightly wrong, and I have neither enough audio editing or music theory knowledge to fix it. TL;DR, just ignore that the final note is slightly wrong.

“Massive BPMs create a frantic rush of sound in vibrant contrast to the melody of this upbeat rock number.”

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