Masato Nakamura – Boss Theme

Difficulties Expert+
20 15

Mapper: A Jhintleman

A true classic of the sonic faith. Never gets old.

Anyways – I mapped this 2 years ago as my first map ever…it has since been deleted for….obvious reasons.
So I had an idea. A flash of inspiration. What if…just what if…I pushed parity and angles farther than anyone had done before, in what I consider to be a “viable” manner?
Pretty much just a funny pattern test experiment

I don’t expect anyone to be able to keep parity on this beside myself, Ani, GalaxyMaster, Illuminati Salad, and like, idk, Schwank or something, so it will likely be a downvote farm.
That being said, I commend you if you manage to play it with proper parity. If you do, I think you’ll find “it plays smoother than expected”!

Oh also I did some quick vanilla lighting for the first time in a year lol

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