(Ranked) Silentroom vs Frums – Aegleseeker

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Mapper: aimedhades16

This is the first Side Story song to have its FTR difficulty rated as 11.
As such, this makes it the second non-anomaly song, preceded by SAIKYO STRONGER, to possess a FTR 11 chart.
This song also possesses the highest BPM out of all songs that have FTR/BYD 11s charts, at 234BPM, narrowly beating Tempestissimo.
This is one of the first songs in which Lagrange appears in a song jacket. The other song is Far Away Light.
This is the first song in the game which is locked behind a Potential and Partner unlock requirement.
SAIKYO STRONGER is the first song in the game to be locked behind a Potential requirement only.
This is the first non-anomaly song to have all three of its difficulties greyed out and displayed as “?” prior to meeting the unlock requirements.
This is also the first song ever to do so with its song title, artist and BPM information displayed before being unlocked.
Formerly, Aegleseeker’s PRS chart used to be rated as level 8, which made it the only level 11 chart in game not to possess a level 9 chart. However, this is no longer the case as of update 4.0.
As of update 3.6.0, its FTR chart currently has the second highest note count out of all charts in the game.
This is only surpassed by #1f1e33’s FTR chart, with 1576 notes in total.
The FTR chart also has the highest note count in all level 11s currently in the game, surpassing the BYD chart of Tempestissimo by 28 notes.
Despite the variable timings in the middle section of the song, Silentroom has stated that the entire song is in 4/4 time.
Similar to overdead., there are notes at the end of the song that do not have to be touched.
Despite that the game can be fully played offline except for World Mode, the Future chart of this song becomes the first song to be unavailable for offline or guest play due to a bug that will uncheck the potential requirement.
As of now, the bug stated above no longer exists. However a new bug was found where upon experiencing the Present difficulty to unlock Lagrange’s skill, the game automatically unlocks the Future difficulty regardless whether the player has at least 11.00 potential or not.
Aegle is a term in Greek Mythology that means “brightness” or “dazzling light” (Written as Αἴγλη). The name is also used for many Greek deities. Thus the song’s name literally means ‘brightness-seeker’.

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