Rklplol 1.1. Balanced 1.2. Dance Electronic Techno

Hatom – Nokia

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Rklplol

Fullspread to enjoy this banger at your own pace.

Post-release notes:
1) Noticed that on “Notable” some arrows should’ve been dots. Doesn’t affect gameplay much.
2) To some people, windmill on “Portable” looks unnecessary. That’s on me, but I find it suitable in preparation for higher difficulty.
3) I got feedback from @Harbgy on “Unbreakable” difficulty, and I’m very grateful for that!

Lawless Expert+ (XR20): gl nerds (4 passes at the moment of writing with ttv@Hellf1re24 being first)
Expert+ (3310): high midspeed, ~10.5-11* rating, with a couple of surprises
Expert (Unbreakable): low midspeed, ~7.5* rating
Hard (Portable): fast accuracy, ~5.5* rating
Normal (Notable): standard accuracy, ~3.5* rating

Huge kudos to the cutest cat ( ttv@CatseTheCat ) for testing/nailing the first version (harder than Ex+)

Not for rank, only for fun or challenge…or both?

Find me at ttv@Rklplol or at Rklplol#6482 for more info or to give a constructive feedback.

Map is auto-lit with Lolighter, based on Expert+ beatmap: https://github.com/Loloppe/Lolighter

Original track (map uses a preview one) released on APEX Records: http://fanlink.to/APEX025



Cover is captured from official videoclip by Joey Cross:

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