Mapper: AllPoland


NOTE: This map uses the new block types (arcs and chains), as well as the new lighting system with the Weave environment. If it doesn’t work, PLEASE USE THE LATEST MODDABLE GAME VERSION AND UPDATE YOUR MODS! thx This has been my longest running project yet, taking countless hours over the past month or so. It’s totally been worth it, since this is definitely my smoothest and cleanest map. I knew I just had to top it all off with a fullspread and V3 lightshow. Thanks to @a-jhintleman for helping fix some stuff up and – Huge thanks to my playtesters: @GalaxyMaster @GojiCrafter You guys are awesome 🙂 (Reupload to fix some random V2 notes that somehow snuck into the lower diffs’ json. So silly)

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