[Overlord Pack] MYTH & ROID – Voracity (Overlord OP 3)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
668 154
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Mapper: Joshabi

If you can’t load the map, please install the mod “SongCore” from https://beatmods.com/#/mods

Absolute banger OP for the series Overlord from the legends MYTH & ROID.
This song is the opening for Overlord Season 3

EXPERT+ – Joshabi
EX – Bitz
HARD – Bitz
EASY – Joshabi

Map Preview:

Ayo Bitz and Joshabi collab no wayyyy ayy eyyy ayyy eyy ayyyyy
Thanks <3

Re-publish #1:
– Reuploaded with fixed rotational consistency and general polish for ex+, Fixed VB in lowers
Re-publish #2:
– Added Easy and Normal (Around Normal and Hard in difficulty respectively)

Going for Ronk (Real)
(Not fake)
(Ranking you're mum -gbitz)

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Comments (1)
  1. EdgarLiesi231 says:

    its the worst of your maps by a mile.
    all the other overlord songs are great but this one is rubbish even tho voracity is such a nice song

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