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USAO – Quick Charge

Difficulties Expert+
28 2
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Mapper: HOFNutCollector

Dual Upload with Sage! Play it here #283b1

I think this is a stamina map since there’s only 1 break in the map. There’re a couple of places where you can pause.

Hella repetitive and under/over mapped in a lot of spots since I’m retarded and still new to this.

This map is definitely shit cause I made this in 6 and a half hours (a new personal best) after the song came out, made it in the middle of the night, and I hate stamina maps personally.

I more than likely will reupload this with better patterns in the near future if I don’t forget.

plz send feedback so i can get good – Baby_Pluto#3419 – @HOFNutCollector on Twitter

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