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Map update 3/3/2023 !

Yet again, with the newly acquired tools of the V3 chromapper branch, I wished to once more improve an older map that had a few buggering issues and V3 potential – mainly for future plans to nominate the map on the Beat Leader !
I would like to thank @Maybeemae once more for providing a test play and @Loloppe for initial QA feedback to improve the map ! 😀

This update will include :

1) **Full song** – map now includes the full Lone Wolf track ! the original tune was scraped of the intro build up, I believe it will be great for an ACC start now ! (Take note the NPS has suffered due to that notion, it does not reflect the coming notes therafter)
2) **V3 elements** – now includes V3 Arcs, Chains and walls (one saber as well ! )
3) **Bombs** – removed the unjustified and combo breaking bombs at the end, something that got brought to my attention thanks to the Beat Leader web replays.
4) **Note color** – changed from Grey – Yellow to Grey – Orange for better color highlight.
5)**NJS** – increased all the difficulties original NJS by 1 , apart for Easy difficulty to make the map more challenging but still accessible.
6) **Lighting** – Improved the Chroma lightshow and added a few new colors.

I also wish to once more offer apologies for reseting the late players scores, but look forward to play it once more with the new V3 mechanics and it’s eventuall rankability on Beat Leader ! 😀

Halo Reach………

Yet another amazing game which provides a an extended lore on how the Halo games lore came to be – or in shorts, a prequel to the original game.
The OST charted in this map is played at the games world premiere back in 2009 and can be heared in it’s other versions in – game.
Composed by **Martin O’donnell and Michael Salvatori** whos work around most of the games got me hooked up and motivated to start charting anew, with this track being one of them !

This map includes **8 difficulties** !

**Standard** – Full Spread !
Labeled – Easy, Normal , Heroic, Legendary, Spartan.

**One Saber** – Easy, Hard, Expert +
Labeled – Report for Duty , Gear up , Take off – To battle !

Also, this map features a **Chroma lightshow + alternating note colors on One Saber** ! so be sure to have it enabled for a maximum amount of effects and emphasis !

I would like to thank @Maybeemae, @Serephor, @Kaltern-Is-It , Ori_Jinn and per usual the BSMG for helping me test this map and improving it the best as I can ! 😀

As per late tendency, I will provide a bit of lore on the game and attach the world premiere video for thos of you who wish to feel nostalgic / see the theme played in action !

A bit of lore on the game to get into the mood


500 years into the future – humans, a species that still reigned supreme over every life form.
The planet Earth, was getting too small to populate everyone, so with new and advanced enginuity, they managed to settle new colonies in various planets.
However, it was still unknown as what other life form exist outside of earth, and if so, will they be aggresive or friendly ?

Such thoughts all became clear……..for first contact was made by new life form, a group of multiple alien species that sit under the banner – The Covenant.
Led by their so called prophets, who religiously despise humanity and believe all need be exterminated – the great war broke out, and with it, the constant arming of both sides against each other.

At first, the superior technology these so called Covenant wielded far outmattched those of the humans, which led to highly intelligent scientists to start a program called “The Spartan program”
Such program’s goal was to create geneticall enhanced humans soldiers that could withstand any foe and give the humans back the edge they so miss.

With the was going one and the Spartan program traning more and more soldiers, it was time to disperse these soldiers to protect the human colonies spread across the galaxy.

Which leads us to the games events………

The planet Reach, one of the human colonies, was heavily gurded by Spartans after the colony Harvest fell to the Covenant.
One such Spartan – B312 , who was just recently deployed in Reach, made his way towards his new squad.
His whole identity was classified, as per his unique profile status and skill, he is known and rememberd as Noble 6

While Noble 6 made his way on a buggy vehicle, he placed on his Spartan helment and prepared to arrive on Noble team HQ…….

Arriving at his destination, Noble 6 made his way to Noble HQ, while viewing one of it’s members arming his highly advanced sniper rifle in the corner.

Reporting for duty, Noble 6 enters the HQ, only to be blocked by one of the Noble Team members – Noble 2, codenamed Kat.

Kat, whom blocked the Spartans way, took a second look and adressed the commander, Noble 1, codenamed Carter.

Noble 2 : “Commander ? ”
Was Kat’s words as she wanted Carter to acknowledge their new member, Noble 6.

Carter, who was listening to the Radio transmission, heard the line – ” Winter Contingency has been declared ! all units mobilized and ready ! ”
Hearing those words, Carter knew his team was up for a new assignment.
Noble 5, codenamed Jorge, addresed his commander and asked :
Noble 5 : “Did anyone survive the Ghazi sir? ”

Carter, turned to Jorge and said…
Noble 1 : “Spartens never die Jorge……… they’re just missing in action ! ”
Were the words of Carter, as he turned towards his squad members and signaled them to prepare for the assignment while picking up him spartan helment.

As the entire noble team made their way out, Carter addresed his new lieutenant – Noble 6 :
Noble 1 : “I’ve read your files lieutenant, even the parts Oni diden’t want me to see”
Carter said as all the team made their way to the choppers.
Noble 1 :”I’m glad to have your skill set, but you can leave the lone wolf “stuff” behind, we clear?”
Were Carters words as Noble 6 and 1 entered the chopper, condenamed Falcon with the awaiting Noble 3, codenamed June, who adressed Carter.
Noble 3 :”This our new Noble 6?”
June said, as he examined Noble 6.
Noble 1 : “Affirmative”
Noble 3 :”You picked a hell of a day to join up !”
And thus, the entire noble team went airborne, heading towards the reported Winter Contingency in the mountains to investigate the source of chaos.

Little do they know……that a powerful enemy has found their location, and has them on the run…………


Hope you enjoy the map ! 😀

Standard Third person Expert + preview by Spartan Javierattor –

Standard and One saber first person Expert + Previews by Spartan CaptainMeme, with the all powerful Halo energy swords ! –

Video of the game’s World Premiere, the origin of the OST and description referenced –

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