[Modchart] Was It Something I Said – MyKey

Difficulties Expert+
39 1
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Mapper: Orius


my first ever noodle extensions map! as it turns out, you can just use javascript to create modcharts. it also just so happens that i do in fact KNOW how javascript works, so it all works out! this is really just a regular level with some nice effects thrown in there, along with some lighting that uses 1.24’s new (and weird) bloom lighting! i hope to start making more levels like this, as like three quarters of my entire spotify library isn’t on beat saber LMAO

soon i’ll either learn how to use ScuffedWalls, make a v3 modchart, or just take a bunch of time to make my own plugin (that i’ve been thinking about for literal years now). till then, enjoy this nice and simple modchart!

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