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Imma break shit


This map has been in the works since 2021. Happy to finally be getting it out now, with V3 functionality, and a full spread for all players to enjoy! If i had to decide, this is probably up there with my favourite maps to make of all time.

This map has a bit of history behind it, as to why it’s coming out now. First of all, i started mapping this when the song came out late last year. I knew i wanted this song to be special, so i created a full spread for it, and asked around for anyone who would be willing to make a banger lightshow or artmap for this song. To my surprise, i saw a video from @lonely in a discord with a small preview of BREAKSH!T, being made as a Chroma+ lightshow. So i reached to them in November 2021 asking for a collab on it. They said yes, but it would take a while to complete. Come to January 2022, and an update for Beat Saber broke their lightshow effects. On top of that, Lonely had run into a slump, where they didn’t feel like lighting or mapping anything. So, 2 months later, V3 mechanics come out, and a few months after that, we got an official editor to use. After i made my first ever V3 lightshow with Elevator (Map link: #267fc ), i decided it was probably best if i started from scratch, and made a lightshow for BREAKSH!T myself, using the new V3 mechanics. Somehow i got quite competent at using the V3 system for lighting very quickly, and i am super proud at what i was able to accomplish. If you know me, you know i rarely ever use chroma or extended lighting on my maps unless i collaborate with someone much more capable of those mechanics, so to finally be able to make something that competes with that, is a very confusing, but welcoming feeling. I really hope y’all enjoy what i’ve made here as much as i do!
[TL;DR – Started mapping late last year, troubled development involving creating the lightshow, now it’s turned into a full V3 map]

EDIT: In memory of Lonely, the person i originally reached out to make this happen. Thank you so much for your inspiration, you will be sorely missed.

Massive thanks to @nitronik.exe for recording a gameplay preview of this map for me!

Lightshow only:

Map and Lights all by @Timeweaver
Difficulties included:
– Standard (Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal, Easy)
Tested by Myself, SlimyBob, DeeDee, Altoids and nitronik.exe!

REUP | This map is now ranked on BeatLeader!
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– WINNER for “Best Full Spread Map” at The Beasties 2022
– Runner-Up award for “Map Of The Year” at The Beasties 2022
– Community Choice award for “Best Full Spread Map” at The Beasties 2022

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  1. PuddingCamembert says:

    Very nice song ! I loved the drop

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